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(Toby Keith/Chuck Cannon) My name is Jesse, I was named after my father Followed in his footsteps, down here to this factory I ain't complainin', wouldn't waste my breath to bother This work ain't hard, it's only borin' as can be I married Billy Johnson back in seventy-seven I still love him and I guess he loves me too We go to church on Sundays 'cause we want to go to heaven Me and my family, ain't that how you're supposed to do But I'm tired, Lord I'm tired Life is wearin' me smooth down to the bone No rest for the weary, ya just move on Tired, Lord I'm tired I've only missed six days in nigh on twenty years o' work The money went to taxes and these bills I've paid on time The raise I got two months ago don't meet the cost o' living Selling my best years for these nickels and these dimes The smell of Billy's coffee rolled me out of bed this morning I showered and dressed and then I threw some makeup on I walked in the kitchen, he was starin' out the window The way he said good morning made me ask is something wrong He said I'm tired, woke up tired And life is wearin' me smooth down to the bone And there's no rest for the weary, you just move on I guess you just keep goin' till your gone Tired Oh Lord, I'm tired I'm tired Oh, Lord I'm tired Tired Lari White muzica straina melodia melodiei ultima melodie. Melodiei versuri descarca muzica cantece descarca cuvinte ultima melodie cantece cuvinte versuri.

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