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Versuri Tired Of Talking

Big old moon and a sweet starry night I think I'll go out walking Wish I could change the way you're feelin' tonight But I'm just tired of talkin' You're still giving me that same old line Like a bird that keeps on squawkin' Sometimes I wonder what goes on in your mind I'm just tired of talkin'. Now little by little, and bit by bit, the truth is slowly dawning I love you honey, but you just won't quit, let's leave it til the morning. You lay the bait and I get caught in your trap I'm the game you're stalkin' Let's say good night and just leave it like that I'm so tired of talkin' (yes I am) Now little by little, and bit by bit, the truth is slowly dawning We've got a puzzle but the pieces don't fit, let's leave it till the morning. Same old blues at the end of the night But you've got to keep on rockin' Turn up the music, and turn out the light I'm so tired of talkin' (yeah yeah yeah) Drums/Percussion: Arran Ahmun Bass Guitar: Ian Maidman Keyboards: Kenny Craddock / Alan Clark / Gerry Rafferty Electric Guitars: Jerry Donahue Uilleann Pipes: Davy Spillane Whistle: Davy Spillane Fiddles: Rick Sanders Accordion: Geraint Watkins Vocals: Gerry Rafferty

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