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Versuri Time To Move On

It's time to open up your eyes I think it's really time to understand it can't You see you are the only one who is playing I don't really think that you want to use a sharp knife to cut off your standards But I feel you know it's time to do it So take, take the blame Don't try to run away A different game you have got to try it anyway You have got nothing to lose Don't be so confused And still you want to give up Cause you can't take it anymore Feel safer on higher ground What's been lost can't be found again. You think you fall straight to where you belong, It's an illusion but you are to dumb to know it Maybe someday you will learn your lesson Maybe some day you will wake up find you are wrong, Hold your breath and do it!

Melodia Useless ID asculta Time To Move On. versuri versuri album album cuvinte cantece album muzica straina.

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