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Versuri Tijuana lady

Take me down to where you hide Lay me down, lay me down inside What use now? Roll back this Pacific Tide Tijuana lady, where did you go? Yeah, I been chasing you around all Mejico I'm gonna find my way back to San Diego Baby, where'd you hide? Take me down to where you hide Play me around, lay me at your side Don't delay your smile, 'cause I know you lie Tijuana lady, let's take it slow Yeah, well I, I know that I'm no head honcho Yeah, but I'll, I'll keep you warm in my silky poncho Where'd you hide? Where'd you hide? Tijuana lady, where did you go? Yeah, well I, I heard you lost your last sombrero Tijuana lady, which way'd you flow? El mariachi, desperado Where'd you hide? Tell me, where'd you hide? Enchilada, desperado day Senorita, come back and meet me again Upon the vista, senorita, hey I love you, so come back here with me again

Mp3 versuri descarca Gomez mp3. Muzica versurile cuvintele muzica ultima melodie descarca muzica straina versuri Tijuana lady.

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