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Staring out the window of somebody's pickup truck well I nevermind the boredom cause I use it for a crutch just to get me to that plane it's a different state of sane and everytime I try to change I always end up quite the same thinking back to happier days when everyone was ignorant and all the kids behaved but me and my friends and the ice-cream man that was our existence that was our clan this one goes out to the friends I never had hey I don't understand it but I'd like to anyway hey I don't understand it but I like it anyway hey I don't understand but I like you anyway hey I don't understand shelter in the city we decided to go in and I gave a man some money yeah to buy heroin but the homeless guy returned and he gave me back a dime he said put it in your sock my friend and save it for another time but lessons are learned and later unlearned if he knew then what he knows now well he could rule the world but I'm not one to judge what happened yesterday cause I got me I got myself my future is at stake this one goes out to...

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