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I have this little problem with you This little problem with you This little problem with you You act like you own the whole world As if you never knew you never knew Do me a favor and look in the mirror Do you see beauty or do you see tears You hate so much you never planned For things to really land, for things to really stand Without any foundation Without a life time vacation Of enjoying your little life Did you strive or did you float on by... With daddy holdin' your hand Now crashing is all your future holds With things that matter, things untold You operate just like a barbie doll You're so perfect till your head is pulled off By a child that makes you a fool In her kiddy pool, in her kiddy pool She leaves you floating there all alone Used by her dog as a bone by her dog as a bone YouÒ҂¬Ò„Β’re used by her dog as a bone Do you really enjoy your life Do you strive or just float on by With daddy holdin your hand

Ultima melodie muzica straina versuri album album. Cantece Daughter Darling muzica versuri piesa cantece ultima melodie Things Untold cantece piesa descarca.

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