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They feed us brainrot, and tell us that it's true Dan Rather is reporting something but it isn't news It's molded, and folded, and beamed into your home The next minute you find yourself dying for fucking oil... Immediate - Reaction, to the brainrot in your mind Immediate - Subtraction, to the time left in your life Immediate - Reaction, to the brainrot in your mind Immediate - Substraction, but all we really want, all we really want, is truth Bred into silence by television sets Accepting lies from media so soon we will forget The lives that we spend as workers for the rich You work so much there's no time left to realize that you're in a fucking ditch

Melodia cantece album muzica straina cuvintele mp3 versuri asculta versurile asculta. Melodia melodia piesa The truth Anti Flag versuri.

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