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Versuri The show must go on

Awwwwwwwwww, Shit Yo, check it out, man, ICP back in the haugh man! Violent J, man, 2 Dope, man, wicked clowns, man. Ha ha ha! Hey, quick, hurry up, bang. Open your mouth cause here comes my wang. I'm Violent J, the southwest skitzo. Born in a big top magical majisto Dead body disco rappin' to the hoochies. Dirty old fat hoe's come up with a smoochie. Hoochie coochie, la la la la la. I might pull your tongue out your mouth and try to hang ya. It's a full moon and the riddles are calling. Three more cards and the skies will be falling. But don't take it from me, I'm just a clown. Wicked clown, wicked town, Juggalugagaluga and lick it down And up till my nuts start singing, Dancing, hopping I'ma keep bringing Riddles and tricks And dead body chicks With the swing of my magical wand, The show must go on. "Well, it all began when I was very young. My feelings were so excited about the carnival rides. Everyone was jolly and jittery. I waited for their wagon until well after dusk. That night, while I was sleeping, I was awoken by a cold eerie wind. And, looking out, I saw strange men, cursing and filthy, and there were clowns, setting up their dreary tent." I'm 2 dope and I sport tight wranglers. Don't say a word or I'll kick ya in the neck bitch. Everybody round, make way for the clown, In New York, in LA, in southwest town. Walked into El Rays, almost got my ass kicked. Rather just chill in the yard in my casket. Call up the hoe's have 'em swing by the tomb, And get a little stinky stank up in this bitch. Killer clowns kicked out the circus. Used to get loud let the midget ladies work this. I was a freak show, they called me the pogo. I can make my ballsack bob like a yoyo. "Give it up! Give it up!" Southwest looney tune, Killed another red neck found his head in looney dune, Gooney boon, gooney goon, I can hear the loons in my head as I sing my wicked song. The Show Must Go On. "I've never been afraid of clowns but these clowns were different. There was nothing funny about these clowns at that. The smiled, they juggled, they laughed, but yet something was terribly, terribly, wrong. I didn't like these clowns for I could see through them, I knew what they were really like. I knew that this carnival that had come to my village was an evil, evil thing." (Chorus): Come see the show, big top show, Walk hand in hand with the dead carnival. Dead carney, carnies, dead juggalos. Walk hand in hand with the dead carnival. You ask do we gangbang, do we bang in a gang, Do we bang-bang? I'm a gang banger, man! I bang in a gang, mang. You can suck my wang, mang. Richie-boy, bitchie-boy, it's a southwest thing. Serial murderer, southwest maniac, Slaughterer, lunatic, highschool brainiac, Straight A school boy, School kid ` Till I went to school and tried to murder everyone, The Show Must Go On. "My innocent friends were fools, all of them. Totally unaware of the evilness within the clowns. Their eyes reflected stairways into hell, their faces covered in blood. I ran from the carnival grounds and yet every road and every path lead me right back to the big tent. I had to escape from the strongman, the freak shows, and the Ringmaster..." (Chorus) x2 Heh heh heh heh! HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!

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