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Before you go There are some things I should tell you And prepare you for what you might have not seen In the dreams you've had about this crazy world We're living in Stay out of trouble Keep your eyes wide open For a different scene And who you might meet Love the road you're traveling on And believe not That everything is clear when it's all gone [Chorus:] And if there's one thing You're sure you wanna lave behind Let it not be the memory Of you and me And if there's one thing You're sure about Let it be the time You spent with me Take it slow Something might come and lift you from your feet And if you think you know Then it's time to let life show you A little bit more [Chorus] Was this the road you were looking for And have you finally seen it all The crowded streets The looser straks And an empty soul With no show And nothing to live for [Chorus] descarca cuvinte descarca versuri muzica straina versuri. asculta The road Elan melodia melodia.

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