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Standin' in the corner Of toulouse and dauphine Waitin' on marie-ondine I'm tryin' to place a tune Under a louisiana moonbeam On the planet of New Orleans In a bar they call the saturn And in her eyes of green And somethin' that she said in a dream Inside of my suit I got my mojo root And a true love figurine For the planet of new orleans New Orleans - the other planet With other life upon it And everythin' that's shakin' in between If you should ever land upon it You better know what's on it The planet of New Orleans Now I'm tryin' to find my way Through the rain and the steam I'm lookin' straight ahead through the screen And then I heard her say Somethin' in the limousine 'bout taking a ride across the planet of New Orleans If she was an ace And I was just a jack And the cards were never seen We could have been the king and the queen But she took me back to her courtyard Where magnolia perfume screams Behind the gates and the granite Of the planet of New Orleans muzica versuri album Rock cantece The planet of new orleans cuvinte muzica straina. Dire Straits album piesa versuri mp3 piesa cantece.

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