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[ CHORUS ] The fast lane, half heart, half money Ain't nobody smilin, ain't nothin funny Raise the risk, raise the profit And can't nobody stop it Unless your game's weak So baby, don't sleep The fast lane, half heart, half money Ain't nobody smilin, ain't nothin funny Raise the risk, raise the profit And can't nobody stop it Unless your game's weak So player, don't sleep [ VERSE 1 ] The streets crawl with ill niggas on the block Goin hand in hand Leanin in and out of sedans Pumpin crack dreams to crack fiends for a fee Their dream is to re-up to a ki Cops watch the influx of dope Through a telescope Snitches in the game Give the young g's names Bitches on the jock Of the hustlers on the block Jump from gee to gee Similar to a flea Suck the blood out, or in this case the dough Roll with the blow till considered a hoe Babies are born and pawned off to grandmama The bitch ain't done, she still lives for the drama Lookin for another baller To hit and never call her All in vain Life in the Lane A new crew of hookers on the track from up north Vice cops, they watch em stroll back and forth They take a pay-off Or a blow job just to lay off The Lane's no joke Yo, you players stay broke A ghetto garage makes a nice laboratory PCP and crystal meth, wars of glory End of story, gotta watch my back myself Or else they'll find my body layin on a coroner shelf It's the Lane [ CHORUS ] [ VERSE 2 ] Gees take the game on the road to Minnesota Supermarket's all sold out on baking soda Gangbangers start to understand the dope game fast Kidnap the drug dealers for the ransom cash Gotta represent, what you say you are, that's a star Feds got a homing device on your car That made you easy to follow to Denver, Colorado Birds you had, 12 now you got a l Crack babies born in the hospitals cryin Drive-by shootings can't end, kids are dyin The cream is the ultimate goal Gots to roll Till my cash flow's mega Baller not a beggar Bitches workin plastic with the fake ID's Life in the Lane, stackin up g's Chop shops taggin up Benzes and Beamers Crack spots boilin full kilos in beakers Damn, the game's quicker than shit, don't slip Cause bet your life there'll be another hustler checkin yo grip It's the Lane [ CHORUS ] [ VERSE 3 ] Brother on parole need a quick lick to come up The score went bad, now he's back stuck Bitches settin niggas up jacked and waxed Small-time workers movin weight in a g ride Lac Don't talk on your cellular, your phone is tapped Don't check the rear view, there's no turnin back It's the Lane, now you're in it, hit the gas and mash Through the land of the hardcore hoes and cash Jackers and robbers, hustlers and clockers Everybody'll squeal, take the l or the deal Yo, spin the wheel, for the cops you're a meal Tailor suits gator boots make the fly hoes kneel But if you miss, my friend, guess what you win A one-way ticket to the federal state pen It's the Lane you chose, you fill your shit, ride Rolls High-priced clothes, baddest fuckin hoes Anything goes, there's no limit, just mash The cops will be there when you crash [ CHORUS ]

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