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Versuri The ghosts that haunt me

There's a skeleton in everybody's closet I can think of one or two in my own room But I would like to introduce them both to you You'd shake their bony hands and so dispell the gloom 'Cause you're so kind I know you would not mind You'd send away the ghosts that haunt me now And the things I fear Just wouldn't seem so near And when I stroll out late at night There would be nothing rattling at my heels There are nights when all my aching bones won't let me sleep And demons come to plague me as I lie in bed But I know if you were sleeping there beside me then That you could fend them off and they would let me rest There are nights When the wind comes howling through my old place I have dreams And I wake up with the sweat pouring down my face And I wait till the morning comes There will come a time I fear when all my days are done And they will come collect my corpse and bury me And then I hope you'll come over to the Other Side To join me in our new life, keep me company

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