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Versuri The fever

He's got a split finger wrap And his rope's pulled way to tight He's got a lunatic smile 'Cause he's really drawn deep tonight. He's got a fever, fever, fever, fever Grab a hold of anything and hold on tight >br> It hits you like the venom from a rattle snake bite We're all here 'cause he's not all there tonight. He takes one breath And time turns inside out Then the gate busts open to the world he dreams about. He's got a fever, fever, fever, fever Stick a rope on anything 'cause he don't care He'd even take a ride on the electric chair We're all here cause he's not all there tonight. He says it's really kind of simple Keep your mind in the middle While your butt spins 'round and 'round Take heed to Sankey's preachin' Keep liftin' and reachin' And ridin' like there ain't no clowns. What he loves might kill him But he's got no choice He's a different breed With a voice down deep inside That's screamin' he was born to ride. He's got a fever, fever, fever, fever Fever makes you crazy 'cause it makes no sense Like runnin' from your shadow out of self-defense He won't run and baby he can't hide He thinks the odds are even leavin' one hand tied He gets so tired of hangin' on so tight I know you think he's crazy well I think you're right We're all here 'cause he's not all there that's right.

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