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This is the end My only friend, the end This is the end My only friend, the end I'll offer you some I'll offer you sexualism and a masculine man You can rephrase my friend (Alt: You can deface my grave, my friend) The killer woke up in Belgium And he poured alot of syrup on his waffles And he walked on down the hall And he said, all I want is to have some hasbrowns and some grits And then he walked on down the hall And then he said, listen I got a quarter in my pocket And I see that waffle house jukebox And I'm gonna walk up to the coinslot And then there's a direst line between my pupil and that cionslot And I lift that quarter out of my pocket And I said, I wanna hear the waffle house theme So I walk up to the jukebox, And I said Come on in I believe I will, I believe I will At the waffle house I got a six pack and nothin' to do

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