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Versuri The Werewolf Of Bedburg (Peter Stumpp)

Over 400 years ago the people were terrorized around Bedburg and Cologne in the German countryside According to the pamphlet published at that time a man named Peter Stumpp committed atrocious crimes Peter Stumpp the Werewolf Peter Stumpp the Werewolf Aided and abetted by his mistress and daughter body parts were found on the land and in the water His daughter had a son from repeated incest Stumpp ate his son and said the brain tasted the best The werewolf of Bedburg The werewolf of Bedburg After many hunts for the werewolf Peter Stumpp they finally tracked him down for his gruesome stunts He roamed the countryside ripped innocent victims apart and while still warm he'd eat their hearts Tied to a wooden wheel they took red hot pinchers and pulled his flesh off in several areas They broke his arms and legs with a hatchet then burned the evil Stumpp after cutting his head off

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