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Jennifer Neal : The universe we mold around this one of a multi-dimensional speckles of reality resonates, or you can say it creates, an interference pattern within the fabric of space. If we were to look closely at an individual human being, We would find that the body is made up of a massive resonalting particles and is in itself a universe. All information exists here and now within are own consiousness. There are places we can go within our consciousness that unite our being with the cosmos. We need to align our minds with the cosmic mind, If we are going to find any of the purposes of our existance, Or to find answeres to some of the unexplained problems, Especially as we are heading towards one of the most important increments in the history of our time here.

Versuri versuri ultima melodie cantece cantece A Guy Called Gerald asculta muzica straina piesa. cuvintele asculta muzica The Universe.

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