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Versuri The Throne Of Tragedy

[based on the poem Tragediens Trone by John Henrik Svaren] [is translated by the undersigned, and hereby dedicated to Kristoffer Garm Rygg] Hear! From this day forth are the heights of Horeb broken and the sea of sulphur-ice. And blasphemy! in heaven's chambers: Souls had fled their halls and closed was the book of life. And behold! The great, white throne: black with sacred blood Our father - Dead by his own hands: an epitaph worthy no king. And so is everything a nameless lie. Who, my god, am I? Man knows me as Lucifer, the serpent of old. The wretched hold my banner high. Your gift - all life! - I grant a grave Yet I am not your death. Come carry forth the crown to your once held throne. Here is where my suffering should cease - but alas; I am crowned in grief unheard of! In this lone monarchy - without a friend of foe - I greet the mourning sun with strife and a song: Please speak my name! And leave me not in the dust of death. I am weighed down beneath the tragedy crown, - nameless, and alone, a fatherless son. [JHS 1996]

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