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Versuri The Secret Of Life

I saw a cigar shaped flying ship It landed outside on my lawn You poked your head out of a door And said, Hurry up get on. I've never seen the sight before The world became a shrinking ball I asked where you were taking me You said, Shut up and you will see. CHORUS Waves of time they rock us back and forth There's no telling if we'll stay on course We raced across the galaxy Away from all our ugliness I felt beautiful and free Out where the devil can't exist I felt a burst of energy Hot white light poured from your eyes We sped into infinity I felt beautiful and free CHORUS Now I'm no longer in my life I've left all my friends behind Now letters don't get past my door I can't really read them anymore You took me to another world Where time ceases to hold sway And computers contain the missing key To life's most sacred mystery The secret of life is no secret at all For secrets hold death and Lies only build walls

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