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I left my home in Norfolk, Virginia California on my mind I straddled that greyhound and rode it into Raleigh And on across Caroline We had motor trouble that turned into a struggle Halfway across Alabama And that `Hound broke down and left us all Stranded in Downtown Birmingham Right away I bought me a through train ticket Ridin' across Mississippi clean And I was on the Midnight Flyer out of Birmingham Smokin' into New Orleans Somebody helped me get out of Louisiana Just to help me get to Houston Town There are people there who care a little about me And they won't let a poor boy down Sure as you're born, they bought me a silk suit They got luggage in my hand And I woke up high over Albuquerque on a jet to the Promised Land Workin' on a T-bone steak I had a party flying over to the Golden State When the pilot told us in thirteen minutes He would get us at the Terminal zone Swing low, chariot, come down easy Taxi to the Terminal line Cut your engines and cool your wings And let me make it to the telephone Los Angeles, give me Norfolk, Virginia Tidewater 41009 Tell the folks back home this is the Promised Land callin' and the poor boy's on the line

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