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[Avatar] As terror comes down on the earth it strikes down with a vengeance so strong It can kill all that stands The ashes of that which once was is all gone and the bringer of darkness is brought forth in the sky A black aura of golden evil is taking the shape of a globe just like ages ago Travelling in a dimension away it will create the end for this retarded race Apparition, this is the grimly arrival The pain of the humans exposed by this power is as fire ripping as it is Destroying the world in a blink of an eye With a force stronger than the light of the sun Resurrected, it is the grimly arrival Apparition, pain is the source of life Now, the golden one has come Supremacy, no legion can stand Plague has tortured the world, fire has purified the souls The master of fire came from the sky, the introducer of chaos have showed itself Death is the truth of it's prophecy, this new era is nothing but infernal Ripping death, plague, evil, carnage, fear, suffer, pain, darkness, destruction, pure fire, terror, resurrection! Resurrected...

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