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Versuri The Love He Has For You

Words by Dave Clark & Shelley Phillips Music by John Mandeville When you're living for the love of A lifetime You wonder if the waiting will ever end And the right from the wrong That you've guarded so long Is closer that it's ever been But sometimes a moment of weakness Can sacrifice the treasure of time And cause you to miss the miracle That God longs for you to find (Chorus) There's a love He has for you There's a heart that He's been saving There's a joy beyond all measure That only comes from waiting There's a love He has for you It's more than the hope you're holding to And you will find the only love that's true Is the love He has for you When you're torn between today And tomorrow And holding out for something you Cannot see There's a strength you can find Knowing in God's own time You'll discover what He meant to be 'Cause love like the Father intended Is more than just a state of the heart So don't give up hope in the holding on 'Cause no matter who you are (Repeat Chorus)

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