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Versuri The Loss And Curse Of Reverence

[Words: Ihsahn/ Music: Ihsahn & Samoth/ Arrangements: Samoth & Ihsahn] Memories of torment strikes me Attemps were made to suffocate me at birth Fools I was already ancient Thou can not kill what breeds within Thee Alas, this agony The emptiness of earthborn pride Hath stirred my faithful heart Which guided me to darker paths Far away from their pestilent ways Cleansed was I from deceitful grace Yet, put to scorn was I By those unclean Enslaved by ignorance They blindly spat upon the deity of hate Awake is the darkest fiend By the fallen one I shall arise Upon bewildered masses To whom the indulgence of my soul Portray as sin made god I shall revile and quell the source Whence mockery of my kind derive This I know Facile shalt my quest not come to pass Deathwish be my gift to all at last Honour Commended no linger as virtue Yet, shalt be extolled by lightΓƒ‚‘s demise By the fallen one I shall arise Believer Speak not to me of justice For none have I ever seen By God, I shall give as I receive Betrayer Speak not to me at all You and this world ripped my fucking heart out Again... and again... and again...

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