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come on over my sporting frend bring your favorite weapon show me how you make your mark from the whistle in the wind through the center of the heart the moon is full, the night is clear hunting season is drawing near show me how you claim your ground pull the arrow back, take one down (*) maybe tonight maybe you'll show waht you feel behind your bow and maybe I'll go hunting too down in the valley with you I wonder where you hide your heart I wait for signals in the dark my aim is pretty good I'm as quiet as a deer in the wood (*) close your eyes, count to ten you never know you never know you never know when you never know (*) so bring this famous trick you do bring your arrow, bring your gun and bring the ache that burns right through gonna find out who is the hunted one (*) The Hunter cuvinte muzica ultima melodie Jennifer Warnes versuri mp3 album ultima melodie muzica straina. versuri versurile.

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