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[Shyne] Look at this nigga, stuntin in front of Justin's, actin silly If it wasn't cops all over, I'd smack him with this milli You hoe niggaz move a brick and think they rich Get a few guns and a click and wanna take over shit Ain't that the same kid that shot Reg in the head? Turned him into a carrot, he might as well have been dead Just came home from doin ten up in the Feds Be extortin kingpins for they horse and they bread Had the whole Brooklyn under pressure, I'm surprised he ain't test ya Mad niggaz know better I ain't comin up offa, no cheddar, no bricks, no nothin I'll kick that motherfucker, FUCK HIM, yeah I'll pay him somethin Pay his ass a visit, blow his brains on the sidewalk Let him collect his thoughts.. .. I'm the strongest force in New York til I'm a corpse, and even then, I'll be buried with bricks and money-filled vaults, seventeen shots and two weeks later I'm in the spot, takin it light Watchin the Tyson fight it's packed, uh with killers and rats Dope dealers, money hungry bitches, malicious Cars pilin up the block for blocks nigga, Bentleys and 6's This the place to be, where all the - gangsters meet As I pick up my drink, I see my man Fat Pete But before I could walk over, two niggaz tapped him on the shoulder and unloaded in his face, bullets flyin all over the place Mirrors shatterin, people scatterin, his bodyguards shot back Missed one but hit the other, in the abdomen, they both fled But who the fuck would do somethin so - brazen and reckless? Had to be some niggaz tryin to send a message {*phone ringing*} Next day I got a call from uptown to, come have a meetin with The Council bout the shit that's been goin down Word is, same kid that killed Fat Pete shot Reg in the head Bottom line he's out of control, he got to be dead He's startin to be a real problem Extortin niggaz, Brooklyn through Harlem But he fucked around and crossed the margin, touched one of ours He got to go, he from your hood, handle it Poe Say no mo', I'm out the do' Went back to the spot to grab the guns Semi-auto check, AK-40 check, shotgun check, revolver - that's perfect Called Tiz and told him meet me in an hour Bring the caravan, you know the plan Ski-masks and stockings, seen him down the ave. boppin Him and a friend, just hopped in a Benz Twenty inches on the rims, let's follow 'em slow, keep 'em in sight Wait til he stop at a red light, then roll the window down and kiss them bitches goodnight - they musta saw somethin cause the Benz busted U and came at us firin shots I threw the revolver, grabbed the tec and left the driver's side wet The Benz ran in a store window and got wrecked I hopped out the van, ran up to the scene, still holdin the tec One nigga's body was split in half, the other nigga still movin Heard sirens comin closer, as I'm bout to shoot him But fuck it, I opened his mouth, and let the tec spray and told him tell Satan I'm on my way - die bitch ultima melodie cantece cuvintele muzica straina. Album The Hit melodia descarca Shyne mp3 melodiei versuri muzica versuri versurile cuvintele muzica.

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