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Versuri The Fine Line

I told my mom good-bye, when I was eighteen. She told me bye for good, at age sixty three. She was an angel right here on earth, there was sure a fine line between heaven and her. I went and married the woman I loved, Three years of me later and she'd had enough. Just one more angel I didn't deserve. There was sure a fine line between heaven and her. Feels like everything I love I lose, God giveth and He takes away. Prayings the right thing to do, But I don't feel like prayin' today. So I think I'll just sit here and drink for a spell, cause there's sure a fine line between heaven and hell. Now I'm headed no where 99 miles an hour, In a 62' Dodge with three hundred house power, If she holds together I might get the nerve, Cross that fine line between heaven and earth

Montgomery Gentry melodia cantece album album ultima melodie descarca melodia versurile muzica straina. Versuri versuri piesa The Fine Line melodia.

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