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Versuri (The) Eyes Of Santa Lucia

(The) Eyes of Santa Lucia Lyrics I can remember them Blue as the ocean Whenever I drew nigh Blue as a stormy sky Ever so sisterly I would advise her Looking into her eyes Doomed as a falling star refrain: L & C: My dear Lucia Why can't you see me? L: Santa Lucia, is what they'll call thee L & C: Eyes once gazed lovingly So veiled in purity Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia All your sisters have wed Just as expected As the most beautiful You've been selected L & C: That's when our father said Lucy must marry She said, I'd rather die And then she scared me refrain L: And like the waters (Carl echoes) Of pure devotion (Carl echoes) She'd rather love God(Carl echoes) With all emotion Jesus, he is the Lord (Carl echoes) Why can't you see it? And so she plucked her eyes Out in his spirit. refrain

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