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Open the gate Feel the wind Of devastation Of desolation Blows like the breath of a thousand vultures Wheeling above your head In Nomine Patris Et Filii Et Spiritus Sancti You know it's coming Nothing or no-one will save you now Forsake your life What's the use of waiting for a salvation? Now it's too late Did I do everything I wanted to do? Did I forget something I could regret? I know the end is near I feel cold like ice It's as if I was already dead I know our time has come Open the gate Hear toll the knell Kneel down Pray the lords Did you ever think about how will be The end of the world? It smells like death It smells like past Like two thousand years Like millions of dead men It smells like... The end of the world

Album melodia muzica straina asculta versuri ultima melodie cuvintele piesa versuri. Cuvintele muzica Godkiller melodia album piesa The End Of The World melodiei cantece.

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