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Versuri The Embodied Core Of Darkness

This is the last time... The last time I watch the sun rise to blind my eyes Tonight the dark sky is my roof And all misty fields my floor I have found my place to be By your side; in your arms You're my bride - I'll die for you Eosophobic wedlock - forever by your side I won live to bid you farwell You're the embodied core of darkness Pure beauty dressed in black I feel you are a part of me Thus I a part of you Never again shall the light of the day Come between us and tear us apart You're the heart of night And now my heart is yours Seductive Noctil'uca Your eyes have never seen the sun melodiei muzica straina versuri The Embodied Core Of Darkness Ultima melodie descarca cantece Bloodthorn muzica cuvinte descarca ultima melodie versuri cuvintele mp3.

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