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The invaders have used poisons drugs microwaves particle beams and gases setting up a perpetual torture. The government by keeping silent has allowed torture murder and other atrocities to be committed by these satanic fiends while the victims have no recourse to law and in fact have their sanity impugned if they dare mention it. They are taking over the world by replacing humans with disguised extraterrestrials. It is being kept secret as human beings are done away with one by one. This is how they can sometimes be detected: one large pupil and iris, one normal human type eye, triangular irises, offset eyes, longer eyes, small mouths inside larger artificial mouths. If they shoot you with ray guns you may not notice because the heat builds up slowly numbing the nerves and sometimes stunning the brain. Use wet towels on the head to shield against radiation, ice packs to reduce pain and cool the overheated interior. Is there intelligent life in outer space? That's what certain pseudo scientists ask. Then they go through the most elaborate calculations to say no there couldn't possibly be. Some of these are extraterrestrials themselves. There's got to be intelligent life in outer space, after they were smart enough to get rid of their worst ones by sending them here. The CIA knows. The FBI knows. Only human beings don't know.

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