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Versuri The Crown For The Morbid

Hear me I am the crown for the morbid The fire in the eyes of the rabid I am the hate inside the psychotic And the fear consuming the phobic I seek to overthrow you With the powers given to me By your own weak mind That turned on you today I am the worst of intentions That dwells inside you all I am the instinct never mentioned That makes humanity fall I am the swine devouring pearls Right before your coward eyes I am the venom that consumes you The serpent in your paradise I am the reason why The innocent are slaughtered I am the laughing lie That's never uncovered The unsilencable cry To kill your beloved I am like death inside you And i loathe you all I'm the multiple in personality The sickness that is eating you In your sane psychotic episodes I'm the voice that speaks to you Only you will know I am as real as can be I'm the final words you'll read I'll be the end of your story

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