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The Cigar Song Lyrics Well I'm a sucker for fine Cuban cigars The problem is I can't afford 'em But last year I went and got myself a whole box And just to be safe I insured 'em Chorus I took out a policy against fire and theft And then I hurried home With a thirty-cent lighter I sat on my back steps And I smoked 'em one by one Two weeks later I went to see that insurance man And I handed in my claim With a straight face I told him that through a series of small fires They'd all gone up in flames 2nd Chorus They reviewed my case and they had no choice But to pay me for what I'd done And I took that check and bought a whole new box And I smoked 'em one by one Two weeks later this detective shows up Tells me that company's pressin' charges One speedy trial later they locked me up On twenty-four separate counts of arson 3rd Chorus And now I sit and stare at a blank brick wall Lookin' back on what I've done To pass the time I've got some ten-cent cigars And I smoke 'em one by one Yeah, I smoke 'em one by one

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