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Dear Stevie, I just wanna let you know, That I've been thinking about you lately, And since you've been gone, I wanna let you know, That I miss you boy, I miss you boy. Well it's been three weeks since you went away. It might sound crazy But I count the days. I miss the little things that we use to do, And those are the things that I like about you. And now you're gone don't know what to do. You never knew I had a crush on you. I miss you boy. I miss you boy. Well I wake up in the morning getting ready for school, Combing my hair and trying to look cool. But I looked in the mirror and said to myself, Why'd you have to leave me all by myself. I know you you didn't know it, Never said it before. But I had a crush on the boy next door. I miss you boy, I miss you boy. (Chorus) I had a crush on the boy next door. Now he's gone should have told him before, But it's never to late to be my friend. Maybe someday I'll see you again, And I wanna tell you from my heart, I know what it's like to be apart. I miss you boy, I miss you boy. Well as time goes on, Boy it's easy to see, That you were the one, The one for me. I don't know how to say it, You know it's tru, Cause all I do is think about you, 'Cause your on my mind every minute of the day, And now it's time for you to hear me say. I miss you boy, I miss you boy. Well the summer time's coming, When I see you again. I hope you come back and be my bestfriend. Now I hope in my heart this dream will come true, 'Cause without you it's like a room with a view. I want you to know I never felt this before, But I miss you. Love, The Girl Next Door. I miss you boy, I miss you boy. (Chorus 3x) Hey, This is Brianna, Leave a message after the tone. Hey Bri, This is Stevie. Sorry didn't get to say goodbye, But I hope you get this message, 'Cause I miss you so much. I know you far away, But we can still keep in touch. I know you never knew it, Never said it before I got a crush on you, The girl next door. I miss you girl, I miss you girl. (Chorus 2x)

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