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Versuri Tha Weed Song

Now hereâs a Zig Zag story while Iâm writing this song Sit back relax Iâm igniting this bong Picture this sandy beaches dimes wearin thongs Serving mixed drinks to me all night long With me feet back puffin on my weed sack Shit you canât believe that people ask me Where you buy your trees at Got the Bombay Ganje lime green Sticky icky Ganja got me needing Visine Like a magic carpet ride come fly with me And this is for my homies that get high with me Just crack the Phillie open cause we keep on smoking Dimes rubbin on lotion Feet soaking in the ocean On a tropical Island staying sunny We outta Phillies take these skins somebody roll a Mummy Now people say money makes the world go round So come escape with me and letâs puff on a pound. Chorus: So high fly through the sky And ride my life high Fly through the sky No matter what you say Feeling so alright so Ire today Fire de go blaze No responsibility man No responsible Me I go rolling a fat blunt Smoking the fat blunt This is my goal. Take it easy Rastaman I will now go blaze From Kingston Jamaica Bombay to India Smoking in the air What da da da day Some of them are smoking Weed to take away frustration I and I do it for me aggravation Dreadlock to Babylon are selling everyday Come me say Bringing it back on the boat back to the USA With the ganja me floating me floating away Why not come and puff with me and then we go fly away Chorus repeat Well itâs the sticky icky bomb Holmes Got the fat sacks puffier than Sean Combs Itâs the Ice man back blowin dookie out the nostrils In the studio creating shit thatâs colossal Apostle of the green bud see me bleemed up In my 430 Lexus off in Texas teamed up With the Darkman and weâre blazing Some headbanging shit yo the Iceâll come equipped To spit with the best cause Iâm all about mine I got dimes of smoke thatâll make you float on cloud nine Then I shine just like a beacon in the night Pass me the Thai I get high on the mic For real a zig zag story for my peeps Bangin in the Jeeps while you slang it in the streets Like Napalm Iâm way gone and now itâs time to bounce Itâs the weed song come with me and smoke an ounce Chorus repeat

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