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Versuri Terror Zone

My inner eye sees many spheres A cruel dimension where time and space distort beyond control A ride to another center of the Universe My thoughts come undone make me see the dark stains on my soul A darkness as cold as ice surrounds me in this place I probe a veiled phobia, all my own Creatures crawl out from my weirdest, wildest dreams They are flesh, not fantasy, they drag me inside the... Terror zone [SOLO - FRANK] Demons, ghouls, and fiends that once I could ignore Shred the skin and flesh from my bones Planets form and die, the cosmos torment me Unnatural, humongous, neverending... Terror zone [SOLO - MILLE] [SOLO - FRANK] [SOLO - MILLE] [SOLO - FRANK] Now I know what dwells within me Blood - a river of sweat and tears Flesh - a land God left behind Soul - a sky of cloudy fears Deception and disguise dissolve before my inner eyes My heart turns to stone God, I'm all alone Oh, no All alone Terror zone

Terror Zone muzica straina versuri versuri cuvinte cantece Kreator versurile. Melodiei cuvintele melodiei.

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