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Tereza And Thomas Lyrics letââ¬â¢s sail away past the noise of the bay letââ¬â¢s sail away past the birth and death of the day letââ¬â¢s sail away to where the blues and greens swirl into gray letââ¬â¢s sail away letââ¬â¢s sail away past the cradle of these waves letââ¬â¢s sail away past the tide and its slow decay letââ¬â¢s sail away to where the water goes-some endless open space letââ¬â¢s sail away take only what you need, my love, and leave the rest behind donââ¬â¢t be afraid of where weââ¬â¢ll go, my love i promise you will be fine now you are the only one thats mine letââ¬â¢s sail away past the reflections of the light letââ¬â¢s sail away floating weightless through the night letââ¬â¢s sail away like a photograph, fading to all white itââ¬â¢s finally all right forget all the mistakes my love they wonââ¬â¢t be made again leave the photos in the drawer, my love we no longer need them we both know where weââ¬â¢ve been letââ¬â¢s sail away disappearing in a mist letââ¬â¢s sail away with a whisper and a kiss or vanish from a road somewhere, like tereza and tomas, suspended in this bliss.

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