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reswick/werfel/muscat/muscat/muscat hey now, boy, are all of your friends gone? in this world, what you got to depend on? 'cause you don't know for sure, how tomorrow will treat you you just know for sure, I'll treat you right tender baby, tender in the night I'm gonna be, gonna be tender, baby, tender in the night who'll be there at the end of a long day? who will listen when you're down and lonely? don't you need someone, someone to talk to? don't you'll know that I'll make everything alright tender, baby... when your world tumbles down and the sun and moon collide when your pride is on the ground I'll be the one that's here by your side

Ultima melodie asculta mp3 album. Ultima melodie Sister2Sister melodia muzica cuvintele cantece versuri muzica straina Tender mp3 versuri.

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