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I turn around in the night To stare at the moon Tears from the earth and the skies Will power my soul An ocean like the silver light Reflection in my eyes I'll turn your day to night The demon comes When the candles all burned Down below the earth we see That evil won't pass by The kiss of dark, you'll feel... you know This means war! [bridge:] They say I'm blind I don't care who's right I don't care who's wrong I won't deny Bow to the will of the strong [chorus:] I come now Run for your shelters and caves Because I'm coming down You are the one Precious one, 'cause I'm coming I'm out for you kings and your knaves The battle is on You are the one Precious one, Temujin Our host out on the open plain We'll fill your hearts with fright Your souls, a sea of pain The end of your days draw near And I'll seize your crown Forever soiled with shame Our swords will spill the plight And hallowed be my name.. you know It means war! [bridge] [chorus]

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