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Versuri Tell me

[Speaking] Bobby Valentino haha Ah ay yo Tim drop the beat for me Ah yeah haha Do it really sexy for me yeah Y'all see that girl over there Hey girl check this out right here [Verse 1] Say baby what's your story You got the goods its plain to see The kind that a keep a brother on his knees And I'm so curious After the club hang out with me Valentino is sure to please For now let's have an apple martini And get to know each other [Chorus] Oh ma tell me How did you get that in those jeans The way you poppin it is killing me Look over here come follow me Tell me How did you get that in those jeans The way you dropping it is killing me I'll meet you in the V.I.P [Verse 2] When you sizzling wanna lay you on the floor I'm a bad boy just thought I'd let you know These are the thoughts running through my mind Cause I'm so curious yeah Couple more shots and we out the door Speed off in the coupe cause there's more in store Can't wait till I pull in my driveway girl Can tell by now I want you [Hook] You's a sexy thang Boo what's your name Cause you're the finest thang that's walked in the club Your girls they don't compare To you can't help but stare At you. . . lets make a toast to the good life [chorus x2] [Girl Singing] Oh boy tell me Out of all the girls, your staring at me Is it the way I'm rocking my jeans Looking at my bubble is making you freeze Oh boy I see Your sexy too come follow me Let's go up to the V.I.P Hold our glasses Toast to the good life [Hook] [Chorus x3]

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