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[Intro / Chorus 2X: Tony Yayo] I ain't your friend, you a tattle teller You rat, you snitch, you jealous nigga You coward nigga, you teller nigga Tuck your tail, pluck your whiskers you tattle teller [Tony Yayo] There's rats in the street, and rats in the jail In the feds, rats wear wires in they cell Shit Steven Seagal, I used to love his karate But even he snitched, he told on Peter Gotti Pillowtalk wit'cha girl about that German Ruger got her in a small room with the prosecutor Watch ya shooter, them feds givin years for them guns And there's nowhere to hide, when the marshals come D.A. don't play, giving life off of hearsay And right hand on the stand for conspiracy Kingpin charges, and that RICO law got agents in your spot for them bricks of raw And people tellin on you that you never saw Like your next door neighbor that live on your floor The game over, man everybody wanna snatch Fat Cat and Alpo nigga started this shit [Chorus] [Tony Yayo] Be careful what you ask for, Joe got bagged He got knocked by the feds for some things in his past Now he rattin on his co-D's, snitchin on his homies to government officials, and U.S. attorneys He told about his lifestyle and old war stories The brawl in B-more in the stall with them shorties Out of town trips, cocaine connects He told about the ratchets, fo'-fifths and tecs He snitched about the diesel, stashed in the ceiling He bragged about them kids that caught bodies in his building He told on himself and told on his right hand He talked about taxes and credit card scams Joe took the stand, he sold his soul But little did he know he dug a deeper hole He lied on his friends and the judge flipped on him Now he in Fort Dix with a man's dick on him [Chorus] [Tony Yayo] Death before dishonor, what happened to that? Them wolves in lamb's clothing is the ones that's rat Nicky Barnes and Alpo, Cat and Freeze I heard Ta-Ta tellin just to get that cheese Pipe on death row, they told on Pete They the reason that pistol ain't on the street Chris Portello, yeah he used to fuck with Madonna The South Beach King is, federal informer Homey watch the corner, slingin that crack That kid C.K. told on O.G. Mack Sammy the Bull man, he the biggest of them all He broke the code, he made the whole mob fall Italian Joe Camby, he messed up the game He tellin on his people like Saddam Hussein So when you standin on that corner, chillin wit'cha fellas Kid watch your back for them damn tattle tellers [Chorus] [Tony Yayo] And the Sammy the Bull award goes to, Fat Joe [applause]

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