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Versuri Take you out

Yeah, yeah Here it is She caught me by surprised I must say Cause I never have seen such a pretty face With such a warm and beautiful smile It wasn't hard for me to notice her style I was fascinated, surely She took my heart and held it for me I wouldn't let her get away Not until she heard me say 1 - Excuse me miss But what's your name Where are you from and can I come And possibly, can I take you out tonight To a movie, to the park I'll have you home before it's dark So let me know, can I take you out tonight Don't care if I get rejected At least then I won't regret it Regret the fact I missed the chance for romance At least I'll walk away knowing I tried my best and I'm going I'm going on with my day Cause at least she heard me say Repeat 1 (2x) That's why I had to come over And introduce myself to you Cause you're never gonna know Where you'll find love, oh yeah And hopefully I found it in you, yeah Repeat 1 till end

Take you out cuvinte cuvintele asculta cantece cuvintele asculta descarca. Versurile cuvintele Luther Vandross versuri cuvinte descarca muzica straina piesa versuri.

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