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Versuri Take It As It Comes

Rita's out on the street tonight Driving through the rain She's got lots of new reasons not to trust any man again And even though she'll be alright She'll never be the same again She'll move closer to her mama, let her daughter keep her daddy's name Sometimes you've only got one road and it's a rocky ride Sometimes there isn't time to think about the tears you've cried CHORUS: You take it as it comes When you've got no way to hide from the hurting inside When there's nowhere you can really run You take it as it comes Rita's out on the street tonight Midnight feels so strange She's got her baby in the car seat Her sleeping face flashing as the signals change They roll up to the corner for the seventh time As they circle around the square The movie crowd is spilling out across the street Rita sits at that light and stares And she wonders if there's any reason in the world to try And she glances at her little girl and she remembers why CHORUS And one foot goes in front of the other And one day rolls into the next Sometimes you've got to let your heart be numb And take it as it comes CHORUS

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