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In a car Not her own Owned by someone called her man for all time On her way To a house To a couple she call sir and dear mom Sheââ¬â¢s afraid Itââ¬â¢s her plan To reveal the dissapointing things sheââ¬â¢s done Nicotin And all the gin Why canââ¬â¢t 30 years of lying be undone On a chair Face to face The achievement of her lifetime is so beautiful Itââ¬â¢s OK Let it out And i knew she said she knew that we would help her No oneââ¬â¢s mad Only sad And a heavy weight inside herââ¬â¢s gone forever What is wrong? Youââ¬â¢re at home And she went away to where she allways wanted Something in her died so long ago I thought sheââ¬â¢d never come to know

Versuri mp3 Take A Down muzica straina ultima melodie. Melodia asculta melodia melodia Fireside asculta asculta asculta muzica mp3 versuri asculta mp3 melodia.

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