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This was recorded by Jon Von and a few of his friends under the name The Mystery Experience, due to the fact that it was regected by the band. We like playing punk rock music yeah I guess that's true But what we prefer is selling merchandise to you. So why don't you go get a pencil while I give you an example of the many satisfied customers that we've served fine. Maurine has a Mr. T shirt it looks really good If you don't have a Mr. T shirt don't you wish you could? Michelle has our new CD she's a fan of Mr. T Tammy drives in her Corvette listening to our cassette. We've got records we've got t-shirts large and extra-large we take Visa and Discover we take Mastercharge. For further information write to: the Mr. T Experience P.O. Box 4848 Shattuck Square Berkeley, California 94704 Ses habla espagnol.

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