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Lyrics: Jones Music: Jones Lyrics: Hobby was an only child He couldn't see or hear or read. But heard a voice inside his head Hobby was the deaf kid. Started playing toy piano Practiced morning, noon and night Got a gig and stole the show Hobby was a virtuoso. Now he's playing bop jazz A Debussy in neck tie. Wynton came and couldn't speak When Hobby played A Love Supreme. (chorus): I know you hear something free Hobby was the bomb inside me Ears don't feel Eyes can't see Hobby was the deaf King of swing Saw him on Arsenio You knew that he could really blow For Hobby had completely floored us By the time he hit the second chorus Now he's playin' out shit. Shaved his hair and started smokin' Met a girl as sweet as honey She robbed him blind and stole his money But found some peace inside a thought Where his music never stopped. And out of nowhere came a light His ears could hear his eyes had sight. (chorus) Now Hobby don't play no more Can't hear the chords that used to move him He opened up a record shop The specialty is hip-hop versuri cuvintele melodia album. Cantece THE BALLAD OF HOBBY AND THE PIANO versuri mp3 muzica straina muzica piesa cantece Agents Of Good Roots versurile cuvintele ultima melodie muzica.

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