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I have bestowed pains in lucid and timeless graveyard harbours by my own sea. One stone was cast in itââ¬â¢s glass waves... Disharmony, infection. I sighed a storm that drowned them. Bare a foot upon my shore illumination. Tombstones... In the calm of the water. Shine of unholy options, mirrored by wintermoon. Choose and I may not... Bare a hand upon my shore illumination. Darkness. Life is not the answer. The hands are rotten. Foolââ¬â¢s reflection, vanish now. I am still the disintegrator. Lucid ultimate pain, dissolver. In the years of brightness until my hateful victory the garden grew... Withered thoughts and vivid words. Vanish now. I have cast the firemist for those in truth shanââ¬â¢t bare the illness. We are of His flame. ... The Revelation.

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