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I: I've been alone for a long, long time of my life. I am tired of those winter nights without you... Where are the good days, when I used to sleep well? Where are my soldier's boots? Where is the sergeant Mandell? I fear death and I fear a lot of things and I cry, I'm afraid of a girl like you and I'm shy Where is my apple tree? Where is my dear backyard? Why do you stare at me, I've been lifesick from the start. I've been looking for me these years and I found the sea I'm loosing my words while I begin to see. Singing the lullaby, children fall asleep I see the fores while I'm sinking so deep. Mother help me to go to bed, I'm to tired! Father wash both my little hands and kiss me good night. Wind of the western north gently whips my face, I'm dreaming of this sad human race. Kids are playing in the churchyard, don't you see? Red soldiers kill them all and then me Heaven looks like New Yourk, St. Peter's singing the blues, I'm lost and I'm trying to find my home, Mother help me to go to bed, I'm to tired... Mother help me to go to bed... I'm to tired... To tired...

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