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Versuri Sweet Alibis

(Carole Bayer Sager/Marvin Hamlisch) Can't take no mare of your sweet alibis Yesterday's lies Friendless goodbyes I've had my fill of sweet alibis When I look in your eyes It's driving me crazy Four in the morning and I hear you coming in I'm trying to pretend I don't know where you've been How could the fire suddenly go bad Or am I losing something I never had Each night I lay so cold in your arms Telling myself You still love me And every day gets harder to hide Something has died And it's driving me crazy Oo, driving me crazy Oo, driving me crazy And though I know I'd be better alone I just can't let go Of the best love I've known And could I live without your sweet alibis Don't look in my eyes You're driving me crazy Oo, driving me crazy Oo, driving me crazy

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