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(I. Hanson/T. Hanson/Z. Hanson) As surely as the sun rises each day, So my love, will never change, And though the years, may come and go My love will only grow and grow Sometimes I wonder what you see in me 'Cause I'm only a man flawed in so many ways you see I want to share Every moment of the day with you, And I want to share every sunset and every sunset And every moonlit night Oh...As surely as the sun Yeah, yeah, sometimes I wonder what you see in me 'Cause I'm only a man Flawed in so many ways you see Everyday when the sun comes out Surely as the sun Surely as the sun

Melodiei ultima melodie album. Versurile piesa melodia cuvintele muzica album muzica straina Hanson versuri Pop ultima melodie versuri Surely As The Sun mp3.

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