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I: Everynight I pray to You, I'm singing with your voice, they hear you Everyday we're going through many things that make us forget You But, my Lord, You make me stronger when I sing for You I know that when I'm falling You take my hand and show me what it's true. Refren: When the night is over, the sunshine I see Is the only piece of Heaven given to me Everyday we pray for kindness, for the peace of everyone We should get together and smile 'cause we have God's love [?]. (And I see in your eyes, I can see in your eyes And I see in your eyes just love...) (And I see in your eyes, I can see in your eyes And I see in your eyes just love...) II: We should stop the children from crying, we don't even try, I wonder why Believe in you, take my hand and let us find love's true. Refren:..

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