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Sippin on the dragon the other day, Tompkins Square Park up by Avenue A. Halfway down the forty and a pig come up to me, said listen here boy, gotta show me yer ID. Well living in a police state, I tell you man, it ain't that great, I know it doesn't even matter what I say, but don't ya know there's gotta be a better way? I'm all alone, I'm feeling bad, I'm by my self, all I ever had. I hate my life, I'm such a mess, I wanna die, I'm so depressed. And every time I look at you, I know exactly what to do. I didn't want to be born, the pleasure all has died, so now I'm gonna snuff it with a suicide. Suicide (anok?), it's a better way. Sit in a hot bathtub, raise a blade and slit your wrists, watch your life fade to black. You have this power to kill yourself, it's suicide, and no one can take that back. There is no better death than suicide, suicide... There is no better way...

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